Study Plan T2I - Artificial Intelligence

This track of the Master Degree Program in Computer Science and Engineering aims at answering the growing market requests by training computer engineers who are expert in developing innovative techniques in articial intelligence and machine learning and in addressing the new challenges that future poses.

The track is aimed at students with a three-year degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, and related engineering. A maximum of 120 students will be enrolled. The selection will be based on the weighted average of grades achieved in the exams of the first-level degree. Depending on the three-year degree of origin, up to a maximum of 30 credits of educational obligations may be assigned to cover the fundamentals of engineering or information technology.

The master degree provides students with the fundamental concepts of computer engineering and with advanced knowledge on methodological, technological, and application aspects of artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques, without neglecting the ethical implications that these technologies introduce.

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