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Computer Engineering studies are divided into three stages: the Bachelor Degree, the Master of Science, awarded after the Bachelor Degree qualification and following two further years, the Ph.D. after the first two stages, lasting three years.

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Bachelor Degree Programme

The Bachelor Degree Programme in Computer Engineering at the Milano-Leonardo campus does not offer diversified options or tracks.

As specified in the Educational Rules, one must obtain 180 credits to achieve the 1st level Degree. More specifically, at least 50 credits must come from courses that cover basic disciplines (computer science, mathematics, physics, probability), while at least 60 credits must come from course that cover programme-specific subjects (computer science, automation, electronics, telecommunications); at least 18 credits must come from supplementary activities and associated subjects (economics, logic, operational research, electrical engineering...), while between 12 and 18 credits must come from activities such as elective courses and stages. The preparation of ones’ final thesis counts for 3 credits. The stage is not mandatory; it can however be inserted, for an amount of 5 or 10 credits, in the activities that are chosen by the student.

An English version of the study plan is available at the website of the School of Industrial and Information Engineering.

Master Degree Programme

The Master Degree in Computer Engineering, the natural continuation of the Bachelor Degree, has a dual purpose: excellent professional qualification and a more thorough cultural grounding, indispensable for playing an active and critical role in the evolution of computer technology and its applications. The Master’s Degree Programme is offered at the Milano-Leonardo campus.

The degree requires acquisition of 120 credits (CFU) specified in the Educational Rules. Specifically, students must select at least 45 CFU from computer science and engineering courses, 25 CFU from complementary subjects, and at most 20 CFU can be freely selected by the student.

20 credits are devoted to the preparation of the Master Thesis and of the final examination, one of which is reserved for improving the knowledge of the English language.

An English version of the study plan is available at the website of the School of Industrial and Information Engineering.

Mission and Goals

The developments of Computer Science and of the Information Society in the last few years have had a deep social and economic impact. Computer Science has become a dominant factor in culture and in the organization of modern enterprises and social activities, fostering their transformation and innovation.

In this scenario, deeply influenced by the birth of new technologies, the Master in Computer Science and Engineering aims to train engineers that have a wide and deep cultural background, are able to develop and use methods and tools of computer science with an engineering approach, as well as deal with and develop a large spectrum of applications.

The professional roles that the Master in Computer Science and Engineering can provide are amongst the most requested, yet scarcely available.

The Computer Science and Engineering programme purses the twofold goal of a strong professional qualification and a deep cultural base, which are both required in order to have a critical and active role in the evolution of information technology and its numerous applications.

The programme, therefore, aims to mold experts that are both able to understand the technological evolution of the field and to contribute to it.

Further information

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Tutoring Service : Politecnico di Milano provides a tutoring service to support international students of the Master degree. The information point is located at the Dipartimento di Elettronica, Informazione e Bioingegneria (DEIB), Via Ponzio 34/5. Tutor meetings will be held according to a monthly schedule. For any question on registration, course selection, career planning or if you need any help, come to the tutoring service!